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Good morning from the Chippewa Cree Housing Authority! As you are aware, winter has arrived early this year bringing snow and colder temperatures in September and October. With the unexpected cold comes the usual winter time problems of frozen pipes and furnace breakdowns. We know some of the houses are cold during the winter and we are asking tenants to please watch for line breaks in their crawl spaces and under the sinks in kitchen and bathroom. Please check your propane levels and if you are able, add some in before the next cold spell is upon us.

Also, we are requesting that if you have entry ways or vents to your basement or crawl space and they are uncovered. Please let us know so that we can come down and cover them up. When left uncovered it allows the cold air to get to the pipes and it also drains your propane and other heating sources as it lets in cold air to the house in general.

We will also be instituting a “Neighborhood Watch” of sorts. We are requesting that tenants keep an eye out for when other tenants “abandon” a unit. We know that situations happen and not everyone can keep propane or electricity in their units, especially during the winter months, it truly does come down to buying food or paying for utilities. When those things happen, reach out to the assistance programs that can help, there are many programs that can help you. If you have exhausted every avenue, even the CCHA has a very limited resource that can give you a one-time assistance. Keep in mind we are very limited and we will request that you search every other opportunity first and we will only help those that are already on an assistance program such as Social Security, TANF or GA. Please don’t use your cook stove range to heat your unit. It burns out the burner plates and the oven itself and it is very dangerous as the temperature gauge instead can’t regulate the heat output and gets very hot and could very easily start a home fire. We are having a “Weatherization Workshop” today at 1pm, please attend for some very informative literature, window covering, window kits, and some very nice door prizes. Hope to see you there.


Allen LaMere, Executive Director

Chippewa Cree Housing Authority


On August 8, 2019, the Chippewa Cree Tribal Business Committee passed a resolution to Declare a State of Emergency by a unanimous vote for the Chippewa and Cree Languages. The resolution was presented to the Business Committee by a non-profit organization called “Mahchiwminahnahtik Chippewa and Cree Language Revitalization” (MCCLR) who stressed to the Business Committee the importance of the tribal languages for future generations.

MCCLR is a new organization made up of tribal members who are seeking to begin language revitalization and restoration efforts on the Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation. The organization is operated by a seven member board and plans to begin full operation early this fall. They were the authors of the resolution which stated, “The Chippewa Cree Business Committee has the ultimate authority to Declare a State of Emergency or Disaster within the exterior boundaries of the Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation. The Chippewa and Cree Languages of the Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation are in decline and have reached dangerously low numbers of fluent speakers and require a State of Emergency to begin revitalization and restoration efforts Reservation-wide.”

Merle Tendoy, a Chippewa Cree Elder and MCCLR Board member started off by addressing the Business Committee in the Cree Language and then translating himself in English stated, “Our ancestors brought us to the Bear Paw Mountains, our home, to practice and perpetuate our God given languages and ceremonies. We need to do this for our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and their children.”

He was followed by Dustin Whitford, MCCLR Board President who read the resolution out loud for the record and who also stated with emotion, “I’m afraid for our children, they need to know their languages for their identities as Chippewa Cree people.”

The resolution allows for the Chippewa Cree Tribe to allocate funds to MCCLR for operating and revitalization functions. Additional language in the resolution included, “the Chippewa and Cree languages are considered to be living beings and need to be cared for, nurtured, and protected…”

The Business Committee and the audience in attendance were very attentive and allowed time for two of the board members to express their concerns as well as three elders in attendance and some community members who also expressed their concerns with the potential loss of the languages. Much of the presentation was very emotional as tears were shed by presenters and community members while they spoke. MCCLR board and community members shook hands with the Business Committee after the unanimous vote to pass the resolution declaring the State of Emergency.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Dustin Whitford at 406-390-3898.

The Chippewa Cree Tribe is accepting applications for:


       Powwow Security (20 temporary openings)


Interested parties may apply at the Human Resources Office at the Chippewa Cree Tribal Office or apply at the Rocky Boy Police Department.

Deadline to submit applications is Thursday, July 25, 2019 by 4:30 p.m.

April 3, 2019


The Chippewa Cree Housing Authority will be accepting blind bids for 2 weeks beginning April 3, 2019 and end on April 17, 2019 at 4:30pm, for the following Malmstrom units:

234 Jack Pine St
297 Jack Pine St
296 Jack Pine St
18 Indian Rock St
24 Indian Rock St
56 Big Eagle St

These units will be sold AS IS. Some of these units have tested positive for meth use, some have interior and exterior damage. Examples of interior damage is damage to the water pipes, flooring, and electrical wiring. Exterior damage includes graffiti, broken doors and windows, etc. These units are boarded up, if you want to get inside to view what will be needed, please make an appointment with Mark Collins, Maintenance Supervisor.

The process of bidding will be as follows, for your own interest, please inspect the unit you are bidding on, write your bid and the unit address of the unit you are bidding on, on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope, bring it to the housing office. The front desk receptionist will make sure your name only is on the front of the envelope and will time and date stamp it and put it in a secure location until the bid opening. Minimum bid accepted will be $1,500.00. If you want to bid on multiple houses, either indicate that you want to bid on all houses at your maximum amount or put in envelopes for each house you want to bid on. On April 18, 2019, we will have a public bid opening meeting at the CCHA conference room. The person with the highest bid for each unit will be given the opportunity to accept the unit and start the paper work for ownership transfer. In the event the highest bidder declines a unit, the next highest bidder will be offered the opportunity to start the ownership transfer and so on till will sell each house.

Please be aware, these units will be sold AS IS. After sale of the unit, it becomes the property of the buyer and any and all repairs will be the responsibility of the buyer. Good luck to all the future home owners.

Allen LaMere, Executive Director
Chippewa Cree Housing Authority

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