New Transit Schedule

The Chippewa Cree Tribal Transit Department has announced a new schedule which is effective immediately. Please be advised within the next few weeks, the Transit Department will be implementing a fare of $.50 for each passenger for one way rides, elders 60 and over and disabled will be free.  Punch cards will be available for purchase.

For questions or concerns, please contact the Transit Department at 395-5025 or 395-8726.

Morning Local/Havre Run Afternoon Local/Havre Run Local/On Demand Run
6:00 AM Depart Agency 9:30 AM Agency Area Stops 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM Daily
6:10 AM Bonneau Stops 9:50 AM Bonneau Villages 7:30 AM Agency Departments
6:20 AM SCC/Headstart 10:00 AM SCC/Headstart 7:45 AM Bonneau Stops only
6:30 AM Middle Dry Fork Stop 10:15 AM Middle Dry Fork  7:50 AM SCC/Headstart
6:45 Jitterbugs 10:25 AM Box Elder Villages 8:00 AM Middle Dry Fork
6:55 Blue Water Tower Villages 10:40 AM Blue Water Tower  8:10 AM Box Elder Village Drive through
7:05 AM Box Elder Villages Stops 10:45 AM Jitterbugs *will drive through each village, please be
7:25 AM Middle Dry Fork 10:50 AM Departs to Agency waiting in your driveway, will not wait for 
7:30 AM SCC/Headstart *Havre Pick-Ups passengers
7:35 AM Bonneau Village Stops 12:30 PM Depart to Havre 8:25 AM Blue Water Tower Villages
7:50 AM Agency  1:05 PM Wal-Mart/Kmart 8:35 AM Jitterbugs Store-10 min. wait
8:10 AM Depart Agency 1:15 Holiday Village Mall 9:00 AM Northern Winz/Laredo
*Havre Pick-ups 1:25 PM Old IGA Parking Lot *Tuesdays and Thursdays only
10:00 AM Depart to Havre 1:35 PM Havre Tire 9:00 AM Depart back to Agency
10:45 AM Wal-Mart/Kmart  1:40 PM IGA  9:00-9:25 Box Elder Villages Drive through
10:50 AM Holiday Village Mall 1:50 PM Hospital/Clinics 9:35 AM Middle Dry Fork
11:00 AM Old IGA Parking Lot 2:00 PM MSU Northern 9:40 AM SCC/Headstart
11:15 AM Havre Tire 2:30 PM Old IGA Parking Lot 9:45-9:55 AM Bonneau Village Drive through
11:20 AM IGA 2:40 PM Holiday Village Mall 10:00 AM Depart to Agency
11:30 AM Hospital/Clinics 3:00 PM Wal-Mart/Kmart 10:10 AM Off Route calls-call ahead
11:40 AM MSU Northern  3:45 PM Agency 12:30-1:00 PM Driver lunch break
12:00 PM Wal-Mart/Kmart 3:50 PM Local 1:00-3:00 PM Agency calls/Repeat Route from 
12:45 PM Jitterbugs 4:30 PM Agency Departments Box Elder to Bonneau(5min each)
12:50 PM Box Elder Village Stops *No Dispatch After 4:30 PM *no calls after 3:30 PM will be taken for local
1:05 PM Middle Dry Fork Stops 5:30 PM End Shift 4:30 PM End shift
1:15 PM SCC/Headstart    
1:20 PM Bonneau Stops    
1:35 PM ButterCup Stop    
1:45 PM Agency Area    


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Brian Molina, Jr.

Brian Molina, Jr., is the webmaster of the Chippewa Cree Tribe's official website. In addition to being webmaster, Brian also serves as Child Support Director for the Chippewa Cree Tribe. 

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