Director: Jacintha Four Souls

Location: Located in the next to Tribal Courts in Blue Building 

Phone Number: (406) 395-5025 or 395-8726

Transit Guidelines:


Our Transit System will be adhered to stay upon a fixed schedule, per Funding requirements.  Each Morning the first 10 callers for each Havre run will be taken, please make sure you call each morning.  Our Drivers will no longer wait or make personal house, you must be waiting at designated stops, which will be up soon.  The designated stops in the past were set up at each Village entrance. Each stop has a 2 minute interval to keep our drivers on schedule. Havre passengers will be limited to 3 bags, due to lack of storage.                                               

Every two Thursdays of the month will be designated for handicap/disabled bodies, as we only occupy one handicapped vehicle, please call in advance for these routes. These days, there will be no local transit until after 1:00PM.                          

If you live off route, Parker Canyon, Parker School, Haysatck, Azuresite, Lower Road, Duck Creek, please call in the early mornings to be placed on the list. Only morning calls will be accepted, to keep us on schedule.                                                      

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:00 AM will be designated for Northern Winz and Laredo destinations, please call in advance.                             

Our department understands your needs and we are happy to be of service to our community members.  Please be patient with our continued services and changes.  We do our best to accomodate all passengers.                        

Please be advised within the next few weeks, we will be implementing a fare of $.50 for each passenger, one way rides, elders over 60 and disabled bodies will be free.  Punch cards will be available for purchase.  This will be publicly announced.                               

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Jacintha Four Souls at 395-5025 or 395-8726.  I am happy to be of service as the new Transit Director.                    

Transit Schedule:


Morning Local/Havre Run Afternoon Local/Havre Run Local/On Demand Run
6:00 AM Depart Agency 9:30 AM Agency Area Stops 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM Daily
6:10 AM Bonneau Stops 9:50 AM Bonneau Villages 7:30 AM Agency Departments
6:20 AM SCC/Headstart 10:00 AM SCC/Headstart 7:45 AM Bonneau Stops only
6:30 AM Middle Dry Fork Stop 10:15 AM Middle Dry Fork  7:50 AM SCC/Headstart
6:45 Jitterbugs 10:25 AM Box Elder Villages 8:00 AM Middle Dry Fork
6:55 Blue Water Tower Villages 10:40 AM Blue Water Tower  8:10 AM Box Elder Village Drive through
7:05 AM Box Elder Villages Stops 10:45 AM Jitterbugs *will drive through each village, please be
7:25 AM Middle Dry Fork 10:50 AM Departs to Agency waiting in your driveway, will not wait for 
7:30 AM SCC/Headstart *Havre Pick-Ups passengers
7:35 AM Bonneau Village Stops 12:30 PM Depart to Havre 8:25 AM Blue Water Tower Villages
7:50 AM Agency  1:05 PM Wal-Mart/Kmart 8:35 AM Jitterbugs Store-10 min. wait
8:10 AM Depart Agency 1:15 Holiday Village Mall 9:00 AM Northern Winz/Laredo
*Havre Pick-ups 1:25 PM Old IGA Parking Lot *Tuesdays and Thursdays only
10:00 AM Depart to Havre 1:35 PM Havre Tire 9:00 AM Depart back to Agency
10:45 AM Wal-Mart/Kmart  1:40 PM IGA  9:00-9:25 Box Elder Villages Drive through
10:50 AM Holiday Village Mall 1:50 PM Hospital/Clinics 9:35 AM Middle Dry Fork
11:00 AM Old IGA Parking Lot 2:00 PM MSU Northern 9:40 AM SCC/Headstart
11:15 AM Havre Tire 2:30 PM Old IGA Parking Lot 9:45-9:55 AM Bonneau Village Drive through
11:20 AM IGA 2:40 PM Holiday Village Mall 10:00 AM Depart to Agency
11:30 AM Hospital/Clinics 3:00 PM Wal-Mart/Kmart 10:10 AM Off Route calls-call ahead
11:40 AM MSU Northern  3:45 PM Agency 12:30-1:00 PM Driver lunch break
12:00 PM Wal-Mart/Kmart 3:50 PM Local 1:00-3:00 PM Agency calls/Repeat Route from 
12:45 PM Jitterbugs 4:30 PM Agency Departments Box Elder to Bonneau(5min each)
12:50 PM Box Elder Village Stops *No Dispatch After 4:30 PM *no calls after 3:30 PM will be taken for local
1:05 PM Middle Dry Fork Stops 5:30 PM End Shift 4:30 PM End shift
1:15 PM SCC/Headstart    
1:20 PM Bonneau Stops    
1:35 PM ButterCup Stop    
1:45 PM Agency Area