Director: Traci Henderson

Address: Located south of the Housing Authority office.

Phone Number: (406) 395-4092

Fax Number: (406) 395-4042

Services Offered: 

The Social Services Program strives to strengthen families, empower and motivate individuals, promoting self-sufficiency, stimulating self-esteem and pride, create a prosperous and culturally functioning community in which the support will stabilize children youth and families with appropriate sensitivity to family and tribal culture.

BIA Meth Initiative:  Jodi Murie is the Investigator for the BIA Meth Program and she is responsible for receiving all child abuse and neglect referrals. Jodi’s responsibility is to provide an adequate assessment of whether removal of the child is necessary or if the case is to be referred to the Family Preservation Program. 

Sarah Parisian and Paulette Standing Rock are the Family Preservation Caseworkers and their roles are to provide intervention and preservation services to families needing support to maintain children in the home. Intense efforts are made to keep families together and provide the active and reasonable efforts to assist the family with follow-up for services such as chemical dependency, parenting, mental health needs, domestic violence counseling, and other services that prove beneficial for family preservation.

Child Welfare: Serene Sun Child is the Child Welfare caseworker and she provides initial placement of children taken into custody who have been removed from their guardians by the police.  Once a child is under the care of the Social Services Department, Serene becomes responsible for the foster care placement and case management of the foster children who reside within the Rocky Boy’s Reservation of Chippewa Cree Tribe.

Title IV-E: Sandra Taylor is the IV-E Foster Care Licensing Specialist/Interim IV-E Caseworker. Sandra is responsible for issuance of foster care licensing, case management of IVE foster children, and provides technical expertise for the Title IV-E Program.

The IV-E Foster Care Program provides for assistance with the costs of foster care maintenance. The purpose of the IV-E program is to facilitate, provide proper care for children who need placement outside their homes, in a foster family home, or in an institution in accordance with guidelines and regulations of the funding agency.

ICWA: Shaneen Hammond is responsible for all off-reservation foster care cases involving children enrolled or eligible for enrollment with the Chippewa Cree Tribe. Shaneen is responsible for the case management of all off reservation foster care children, once a Motion to Intervene has been accepted by the Courts on all CCT ICWA children who have been removed by a County or State CPS.

General Assistance: Lisa Sun Child and Velma Clark are the GA Caseworkers and they are responsible for intake and approval of General Assistance applications per guidelines of General Assistance program.