The Great Seal of the Chippewa Cree Tribe of Rocky Boy’s Reservation 
The Chippewa and Cree have come from two powerful nations of the American Continent. Each Tribe has come together to form the present day Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation. This reservation was created for the Chippewa and Cree to live and enjoy this country, to maintain our language, culture, traditions and values. Also, to accept the modern qualities that would prosper the Tribe in the future. 
The picture of this seal represents the circle of life on this reservation. Baldy Butte, the sacred mountain of the Tribe: the Sun, representing life rising from the east, to greet the Sun Spirit each morning from our homes and to wish for good health and life. 
Also, the Sun’s rays represent the fifteen Sacred Grass Dance Chiefs who are active in preserving the culture of the Chippewa Cree Tribe. The Sun also represents the Sacred Grass Dance Drum of the Tribe. 
The Sacred Four Bodies writing under the Sun represents good health and good fortune for the Tribe, that we can prosper into the future in education, as well as our customs and traditions integrated into the schools of Rocky Boy. 
The Eagle, long time sacred bird of the Indian people, strength, wisdom, bravery, and honor, are all elements conceived from the sacred bird that represents the thunder and lightning of the sacred sky. 
The Buffalo, a source of food and shelter for the Indian for many years, also a sacred animal in the universe representing the source of life, a Sundance element, being the main power of its presence. 
Bear Paw tracks, these tracks represent the Bear Paw Mountains where the Chippewa Cree now make their present home. Also, the sacred animal, “The Bear”, who is highly regarded as a powerful spirit of the Tribe. 
The Teepee, where all values and customs are derived from, the life, and traditions, that we, as the Chippewa Cree have held since the creation of the Red Man. 
The Sacred Pipes, held by our last official chiefs of the Chippewa and Cree, Chief Rocky Boy and Chief Little Bear. 
The Braid of Sweet grass, which is an element of communication to the Creator and the Spirits. 
Eagle feathers, the nine eagle feathers representing the nine elected Chiefs of the Chippewa Cree Business Committee. 
In conclusion, these elements of the Great Seal are formed together to represent the Chippewa Cree Tribe of the Rocky Boy’s Reservation of Montana, in values, traditions, and customs, so greatly valued by the Chippewa Cree People. 
Lloyd C. Top Sky
February 8, 1991