Contributed by Walter Denny, Art Raining Bird and Joe Small
We believe the Maker of All Things put us on our Mother Earth to respect one another in our relationships to all things and to all people.  The Great Holy Being told the old people long ago that all people and all things are but different branches on the same tree.  We are told in our daily lives we must do these things. 
Respect Mother Earth and all things that live here. 
Respect the elders, our mothers, and our sisters. Love one another and help one another.  
Pray in a good way that we might get the power to help one another and to respect one another for our differences. 
Be truthful and respectful in our speech, which in itself is a miracle and a gift from our Creator that we might use it only to speak good of each other and to pass on the good things in life.  
Remember that everything that is created on Mother Earth is useful, has a purpose, and was put here for a reason.   Nothing is to be abused that has been created.  
Remember that all things are related and that all things are perfect as they have been created:  wind, fire, water, rocks, animals, crawlers, birds, plants, the moon, the sun, and humans.  
Remember that the earth was created for everyone and everything and that we are not to selfishly claim it.  We are all to share the good things in life so that we may all live in harmony.  
Realize that we as human beings have been put on this earth for only a short time and that we must use this time to use our minds to gain wisdom, knowledge, respect and understanding of all human beings since we are all brothers.  
Be humble and respectful before the Creator everyday and give thanks for putting us here on earth.  
Always be respectful of life
We are not to kill our fellow man.   
The elders also said, “We believe in the uniqueness of the individual and want our children to have a deep respect for others and for those things and people who may be different from them.   We believe that racism and prejudice in any form is a useless exercise for the human mind because it only breeds hatred, misunderstanding, and unhappiness; it ignores the realities of the world because there are different people and beliefs which have the right to exist as long as theirs does not attempt to do away with our way of life.”